A downloadable game for Windows

Just hold "Right" or "D" to move right.

Install instructions

Just download and run!


mamoniem_TheWayYouAre_32.rar 33 MB
mamoniem_TheWayYouAre_64.rar 36 MB


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During the 5 minutes this game lasts, it made me cry, which is pretty admirable.  Thanks for making it.

So yeah, this is one of the games that most fit label art I've ever played. Of course as a reently cracked egg I'm biased.

Well,i have played a lot of weird games and i have saw extremely weird things. BUT WHAT? I'M SORRY WHAT THE FU-

This game totally wasn't badly made but it was EXTREMELY weird. Like i get the point but it is totally not bad,just weird. Oh and by the way , mean doesn't mean bad. The game just scared me because of it's randomness and weirdness. Now let's talk about gameplay.  You just hold the right button. That is bad for a game but i understand that this is not a game but an interactive story. So it is ok. Graphics were ok. The main character looked like kate from life is strange. Also the game is extremely good if you are bored and want to play fun and random games. It is totally not good comparing to others games, but come on! What do you expect from itch.io? Overall, i won't play this game more then two times, but as a one time experience it is short and intresting for fun and laughs. So if i would rate it as a game i would give it a 4/10. But since this is just a weird one time experience i will give it a 6.5/10 

Can this please be marked with a content warning? This triggers dysphoria pretty badly


Agreed, triggers disphoria a lot. Not a bad thing - but a warning would be fine.